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There is a reason why many of our customers will only buy used casing and tubing from U.S. Casing and Tubing. We have high standards when it comes to our testing and inspection process and the result is a high quality downhole product at a very competitive price. U.S.Casing and Tubing puts most used tubing and casing through hydro testing to an API specification for that size and grade of pipe, and a drift process to new specifications which involves checking for ID obstructions and build up. We clean the OD and ID and if necessary put new threads and couplings on the pipe.

The phenomenal success of our business is a result of years of hard, smart work in a competitive space, but the real success is because of the wonderful clients that continue to utilize our proven solutions. We are proud to offer our continued products and services for so many years to such a broad and diverse customer base, and will continue to develop the solutions you and your business have come to rely upon. Operating in such a competitive environment has honed our expertise and skills making our products and services the best in the industry.

                                                             BROAD SELECTION

 New API tubing and casing

Limited Service tubing and casing

Used Inspected Yellow band, Blue band, Green band tubing and casing

Used Tested and Drifted tubing and casing

New and used line pipe API 5L

New and used Sucker Rods

New and used Pumping units



 Yards and testing/inspection services conveniently placed across the country so that we can quickly meet our customers' needs.



US Casing and Tubing represents a number of leading domestic and foreign mill products.


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